Digital Interventions to Improve Health and Nutrition Outcomes for Children from Low-Income Communities


Aakash Ganju (Saathealth)
Aditi Hazra-Ganju (Saathealth)
Srini Satyan (Saathealth)
Sonia Menezes (Saathealth)

Session: 1.2C: Improving health outcomes

Abstract: More people in India have access to smartphones and the mobile internet than ever before. This provides an opportunity to equip underserved communities with the knowledge and resources to drive preventative health through their smartphones. The user interface and experience of our digital learning platform for behavior change was designed to engage with the emerging internet user and drive consistent engagement. In the last year, we have reached over 100,000 downloads, with users that have consumed over 212 million seconds of health content. By adopting a data-driven approach to interface design, and through a contextualized understanding of the end-users, we have been successful in building a platform that incorporates the features that our users value. The ubiquity of data enabled phones and increasing use of artificial intelligence powered technologies unlock unprecedented opportunities to reach and serve the billions of new underserved consumers with transformative health, nutrition and early learning information.