The effect of urban infrastructure development on female labour force participation among the poor and middle class in India


Ahalya Ramanathan (IIT Delhi)
Sourabh Paul (IIT Delhi)

Session: 1.2B: Gender and empowerment

Abstract: Labour force participation in India is driven by diverse factors. It is known that female labour force participation is affected by social factors such as religion, caste, marital status and household size, apart from labour market conditions and education. It has also been found that infrastructure development programs may have a positive effect on female labour force participation in developing countries. Since the factors influencing female labour force participation are different for the poor, the lower class, and the middle class, we consider the effect of infrastructure development on female labour participation for these classes separately. In the Indian context, we look at the effect of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for urban infrastructure development on labour force participation. We use a probit regression model over a pooled cross sectional data set at the district level for our analysis.