Understanding the Sensibility of Social Media Use and Privacy with Bangladeshi Facebook Group Users


Sharifa Sultana (Cornell University, USA)
Shaid Hasan (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
Pratyasha Saha (University of Dhaka)
Rokeya Akter (Khulna University)
S.M. Raihanul Alam (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
Raihan Islam Arnob (Utah State University)
Md. Mirajul Islam (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen (Utah State University)
Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (University of Toronto)

Session: 1.2D: Investigating online communities

Abstract: Facebook users often join Facebook groups to connect to the people with the same interest regardless of the fact that the other members take the same standing with them. Our study aims to investigate Bangladeshi users’ motivation to join and strategies to manage their Facebook groups and identify the relevant challenges. In our ongoing work, we are conducting a survey and interviewing Facebook-group users to understand how Facebook groups are bringing the users of similar interest and agenda together on Facebook and providing the admins with imagined sovereignty. This poster presents some of our crucial findings. This set of findings will be useful in designing better tools for managing Facebook groups for empowering the admins and the users.